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Forum Topic > Marriage Officers

Subject: A pastor available?                                                                               3 replies
Author: Maria Leepile


My fiance is overseas and will only be in the country next year a few days before our wedding. Then I will join him.

Problem is our church will only marry us after counselling with them. I am really starting to stress. Oh, we are planning on getting married in Kimberley (a garden wedding).

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Thats crazy!

May I ask what church it is?


I must be honest, I wish I could have a garden wedding! Its so much more special. Problem is I have a HUGE mexican family and it would take a stadium to fit all of them!

Good luck on the counselling! i really dont agree with that!

Posted: 22 Jan 2009  @   13:00:27



Ah i couldnt imagine having my fiance overseas until just before the wedding!

It must be tough!

Best of luck with the planning!

Posted: 22 Jan 2009  @   13:17:20



Hi Maria,

My suggestion...find another minister. Your's is being unreasonable. If you two know you love each other and you want to be together, then dont let anyone stop you.

Its your day! Dont let anyone spoil it for you.


Posted: 19 Feb 2009  @   14:27:19
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