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Subject: Any help appreciated                                                                               3 replies
Author: Jaclyn Woods Woods

 Hi all,

Hope everyone is enjoying their planning and not finding it too stressful!

We're planning a carnival themed wedding, and I'd appreciate any feedback on the following:

* a non-religious marriage offical

* carnival decor

* alternatives to flowers (I am so allergic!)

Thanks so much :)



Carnival wedding blog:


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The YBD Team

 Hi Jaclyn! For Carnival Decor visit you will find beautiful carnival & rustic decor ideas. There is also a Carnival themed real wedding with the most amazing dip-dyed wedding dress!

Posted: 22 Jul 2013  @   21:15:07



I think carnival themed wedding is interesting, you can enjoy yourself on that day and it would be memorable day for you.

Posted: 25 Apr 2014  @   11:18:43



It's so beautiful!In the end of this year, maybe you will be invited to attend a variety of formal or informal parties, for example a public prom party.

Posted: 13 Oct 2014  @   08:29:20
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