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Forum Topic > Wedding Planners

Subject: Where to start                                                                               3 replies
Author: Claire Peacock

I am battling to even start planning my wedding.  I have no idea who to use and for what...I have read so many things and i still feel clueless

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Hi Claire, why dont you contact the Bride & Co wedding planners. They offer a free consultation & their packages are very reasonable.

Posted: 14 Feb 2009  @   08:55:26



Hi Claire, I am by no means a planner, but have been planning my own wedding for the last 3 months. Yes, you are is very difficult to know where to start. This is what I did, and hopefully you find it helpful.

Find a venue. (Decide on what type op wedding you want. Some places offer a package that includes food, etc and then the venue hire is practically free. Others only offer a hall but then you can get someone in to do the catering and decor). Phone some of the places in your area for venues, make appointments and go and see them. I found that once my venue was decided on, the rest was easier, because sometimes you have to use the venue's catering and some wedding venues give you the services of their planner. We just found a hall, so the next step was decor. The venue will also determine a lot of things like size, date ,etc...Hope it gives you some place to start

Posted: 25 Feb 2009  @   12:11:58



Hiii...  Don't be worry.

Here is a wedding planner at USA. I also get service at my marriage from this ( ). They will help you to plan your marriage.


Thanks a lot.





Posted: 08 Jul 2010  @   12:48:17
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