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05 November 2008 .:Edition 3:.

Look your best on your wedding day

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Your wedding day will forever be a highlight of your life. It’s the day you looked forward to way before your teen years, and the day which you will look back on with treasured memories. It’s YOUR day in the spotlight, your day of glamour and beauty.

Looking radiant and beautiful on your wedding day is every bride’s priority! Selecting the right make-up, the perfect hair style and glamorous nails all form part of the brides calendar in the build up to the big day!

But what about your health?

Eating plans, beauty treatments and pampering are vital components of a modern day bridal calendar!

To look your best on your big day is important. Pick your hairdresser, beauty therapist and skin products carefully.

The cameras will be focused on you and your partner, creating lasting memories for your wedding album for you to look back on for many years thereafter!

Before you begin the first thing you need to do is create realistic goals for yourself. Jot down things that you would like to improve about your overall appearance but try not to over do it after all your only wanting to look good for your wedding not completely change who you are.

Unwanted Weight for your vacation
When you have a few extra minutes do a few sit ups and increase your water intake. There are many simple things you can do to help lose that extra pound or two. Don't let the stress of your wedding push you to eat. Use that energy in a more positive way.

Beauty Treatments
Facials are not only great for your skin but they can help you relax in this very stressful time in your life. Most beauty salons offer several other services that you may find useful such as hair removal, eyelash plucking, aromatherapy and massages.

If you are a pro at doing your own makeup then you know less is best. Since this is your big day I would take a break from doing your own makeup and allow a professional to do it. Make sure they know you want something soft and elegant but yet natural looking. Allow them to work their magic on you but make sure to let them know what you like.

Hair is the one thing that most brides worry about the most. No matter how great your hair is you always wonder how it will look in the photos. Should I wear it up or down? One thing that you will want to take into consideration when choosing the style is will you be wearing a veil, and will it fit correctly with what you have chosen.

Remember to Breath
This is just a few simple tips that will help you look your best on the big day but no matter what your wedding theme or what you choose for yourself remember to take a break from everything and breath. Things really will work out and no matter what you will be a beautiful bride.


Register And Win

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Register on before 26 November and stand a chance of winning a 6 month supply of MD Lash Factor.

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  • MD Lash factor was scientifically formulated by Susan f Linn (Aesthetic Physician in the US).
  • The product claims to improve the appearance of lash length thickness and fullness and as little as one week for some patients.
  • MD Lash factor is applied like a liquid eyeliner every evening, and is ideal for people with thinning lashes or anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their lashes naturally.
  • MD Lash Factor is hypoallergenic and is safe for contact lens wearers.
  • The product stimulates the the hair follicle on the eyelid to produce a longer, thicker and fuller lash.
  • The product also works on eyebrows.

Click here  to visit their website or call Johan Abrie on +27 82 469 5330




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